Firstly in theory this is The easiest way to have your floor fitted but it's not always plain sailing . Here are some tips and pointers you may find useful. "Please come round and fit my floor "Sounds simple but it can be more complicated than you think . Getting the right person at the right price is a project in itself so here are some tips . Firstly get some suggestions from the company you bought your floor from, they should have some contacts or point you in right direction. You should get at least two quotations from installers who have taken the time to inspect your sub floor and carry out a pre site survey inspection This leads me onto the next point always always always get a pre site survey

This should include a total cost for all works associates with your installation right down to the radiator caps, you should have this in writing. It should also include a moisture test of the sub floor . High moisture content in sub floor is the most common cause for failure . A moisture meter is as important to the installer as a saw . If he has not got one he is not a serious specialised installer . Your installer will also double check your measurements and ask to see your invoice to check you have the right amount correct accessories and the floor is suitable . If flooring is on site he will also double check it and carry out some tests on timber such as moisture and fit.


You should get in writing all that is agreed and sign off on a quotation . When your installer arrives look at things such as did he arrive in time for the appointment , did he arrive in a clean and tidy van ? Is he well presented and does he look organised . Did he take notes on your install , does he keep a diary. The cheapest price is not always the best value . We hear numerous stories about shoddy installations by incompetent installers who were selected just because the cost was the lowest or the fitter was a bargain. Make your judgement on the quality and value offered just like the floor . The fitting is only part of the cost of your new floor but just as you didn't go for the nastiest cheapest floor be selective with your fitter


Your fitter will be in your home on average for at least 8 hours so ensure you are comfortable with them . It's easy to do a google search , even on Facebook and be happy that it's sort of person you are happy giving access to your home. Ask the fitter for some recommendations he should be able to show you photos of successful installations . Perhaps ask what his next job is , or is he fitting flooring this week - you want a flooring specialist if possible . Payment- never pay in full until job is 100% complete . If something small is not finished , ask yourself how much it would cost to get another tradesperson out to complete that in a worst case scenario and hold that back. Most trades people expect cash although some professionals will accept credit card or bank transfers. A credit card payment gives you added security


Do as much as you can for your fitter prior to install this will give him more time to ensure a first class job . Clear the room as much as possible . Any simple Manuel jobs such as removing carpet grippers , ensuring floor swept etc will speed up the process and ensure more time is spent installing rather than preparation. It's a good idea to have the flooring delivered on site at least a week early this allows it to acclimatise and less likely to require any adjustment later on


Keep your flooring installer happy , this will encourage him to a first class job , remember it's a handmade installation and there is a degree of artisan input required so tea coffee or a soft drink often helps create an environment that produces the best finished floor.

Lastly if you are happy with the job don't be afraid to tell your installer , it will Mean a lot but more importantly tell and show your friends